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Cassandra backgroundCassandra
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Cassandra Monitoring

Cassandra is an open-source NoSQL databases provided by Apache. The high scalability and availability of this database has made it one of the most popular non-relational databases in the world. Cassandra can be deployed in both standalone and cluster mode. Moein monitoring system provides the ability to monitor this database in both mode of configurations. In this regard, Moin monitors the following performance indicators and parameters in this database.


Cassandra KPIs:

  1. Read Throughput
  2. Write Throughput
  3. Total Read
  4. Total Read Latency
  5. Total Write
  6. Total Write Latency
  7. Read Latency
  8. Write Latency
  9. Load
  10. Completed Compaction Tasks
  11. Pending Compaction Tasks
  12. Exceptions
  13. Read Timeout Exceptions
  14. Write Timeout Exceptions
  15. Timeout Exception
  16. Read Unavailable Exceptions
  17. Write Unavailable Exceptions
  18. Unavailable Exceptions
  19. Timeouted Connection Rate In Cluster
  20. Total Timeouted Connections In Cluster



Nodes KPIs: 

  1. Node Address
  2. Last Changes
  3. Heart Beat
  4. Node Status
  5. Load
  6. Data Center
  7. Rack Name
  8. Version
  9. Internal Node Address
  10. RPC Address
  11. Host ID
  12. RPC Ready Status
  13. Node Power Status
  14. Ownership

Rack Information: 

  1. Rack Total Load
  2. RACK Number Of ON Servers
  3. RACK Number Of Off Servers
  4. RACK Off Servers Percentage

Data Center Information: 

  1. Data Center Total Load
  2. Data Center Number Of ON Servers
  3. Data Center Number Of Off Servers
  4. Data Center Off Servers Percentage


Topological Information: 

  1. Cluster Load
  2. Up Nodes Count
  3. Down Nodes Count
  4. Cluster Number Of ON Servers
  5. Cluster Number Of Off Servers
  6. Cluster Off Servers Percentage

Hint operations KPIs: 

  1. Hinted Handoff Enabled Status
  2. Maximum Hint Window
  3. In Progress Hints
  4. Total Hints
  5. Attemped Read Repair
  6. Repaired Blocking Read Repair
  7. Repaired Background Read Repair

Key Cache and Row Cache KPIs: 

  1. Key Cache Hit Rate
  2. Key Cache Capcity
  3. Row Cache Hit Ratio
  4. Row Cache Capcity


ThreadPools KPIs:

  1. Threadpool Name
  2. Pending Tasks
  3. Currently Blocked Tasks
  4. Total Pending Tasks


CQL Statistics: 

  1. Prepared Statements Count
  2. Evicted Statements
  3. Prepared Statements Executed
  4. Regular Statements Executed
  5. Prepared Statements Ratio
  6. Regular Statements Executed Rate

Client Statistics: 

  1. Connected Native Clients
  2. Connected Thrift Clients


Drop Messages: 

  1. Message Type
  2. Dropped Messages


Java Virtual Machine(JVM) KPIs:

Host KPIs:

  1. Committed Virtual Memory
  2. Total Swap Space
  3. Free Swap Space Size
  4. Used Swap Space
  5. Swap Space Usage
  6. Host Free Memory
  7. Host Total Memory
  8. Host Used Memory
  9. Host Memory Used Percentage
  10. CPU Time
  11. CPU Usage
  12. Host CPU Usage
  13. Number Of Processors
  14. Open File Descriptors
  15. Maximum File Descriptors

Java Virtual Machine Information (JVM):

  1. JVM Up Time
  2. Host Up Time

Threads :

  1. Daemon Thread Count
  2. Peak Thread Count
  3. Active Thread Count
  4. Total Started Thread Count
  5. Current Thread CPU Time
  6. Current Thread User Time

Memory :

  1. Committed Heap Memory
  2. Initial Heap Memory
  3. Maximum Heap Memory
  4. Used Heap Memory
  5. Committed Non-Heap Memory
  6. Initial Non-Heap Memory
  7. Maximum Non-Heap Memory
  8. Used Non-Heap Memory
  9. Heap Memory Used Percentage
  10. Non-Heap Memory Used Percentage

Java Classes:

  1. Total Classes
  2. Current Locaded Classes
  3. Unloaded Classes

Garbage Collection:

  1. Garbage Collection Count
  2. Garbage Collection Rate
  3. Garbage Collection Time
  4. Average Garbage Collection Time


Communication Protocols:

  • JMX
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