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Elastic Search backgroundElastic Search
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Elastic Search

Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of addressing a growing number of use cases. Moein provides the ability to monitor this ELK stack (a collection of three open-source products: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana)  member in the NoSQL database category, supervising performance indicators and parameters such as cluster status, cluster nodes, thread pools, and shards. The performance metrics supported by Moein are presented below.

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Elasticsearch Cluster Metrics:

  1. Cluster Name
  2. Cluster Status
  3. Total Nodes Count
  4. Total Indices
  5. Total Documents Count
  6. Total Shards
  7. Primary Shards
  8. Replication Shards
  9. Pending Tasks Count

Cluster Shard Metrics:

  1. Unassigned Shards
  2. Active Primary Shards
  3. Relocating Shards
  4. Active Shards
  5. Initializing Shards
  6. Delayed Unassigned Shards

Cluster Index Metrics:

  1. Total Data Size
  2. Total Indexing Rate
  3. Average Total Indexing Latency
  4. Total Search Rate
  5. Average Total Search Latency
  6. Primary Total Documents Count

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Cluster 's Node Metrics:

  1. Name
  2. IP Address
  3. Transport Address
  4. Node Status
  5. Elasticsearch Process CPU Usage
  6. Host CPU Usage
  7. System Load
  8. Host Total Memory
  9. Host Used Memory
  10. Host Used Memory Percentage
  11. Total Swap Memory
  12. Swap Used Memory
  13. Swap Memory Usage
  14. Master Status
  15. Number Of Shards
  16. Data Size

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Node Search Time Metrics:

  1. Node Name
  2. IP Address
  3. Total Queries Count
  4. Search Rate
  5. Total Queries Time
  6. Average Search Latency
  7. Total Fetch Count
  8. Total Fetch Time
  9. Average Fetch Latency

Node Segment Time Metrics:

  1. Total Merge Count
  2. Total Merge Time
  3. Average Merge Time
  4. Total Refresh Count
  5. Total Refresh Time
  6. Average Refresh Time

Node Indexing Time Metrics:

  1. Total Indexing Count
  2. Indexing Rate
  3. Total Indexing Time
  4. Average Indexing Latency
  5. Total Index Delete Count
  6. Index Delete Rate
  7. Total Index Delete Time
  8. Average Index Delete Time

Node Get Time Metrics:

  1. Total Get Count
  2. Get Request Rates
  3. Total Get Time
  4. Average Get Time
  5. Existing Get Count
  6. Missing Get Count

Node Flush Time Metrics:

  1. Total Flush Count
  2. Flush Rate
  3. Total Flush Time
  4. Average Flush Time

Node Warmer Time:

  1. Total Warmer Count
  2. Total Warmer Time
  3. Average Warmer Time

Node JVM Metrics:

Heap Memory:

  1. Used Heap Memory
  2. Committed Heap Memory
  3. Heap Memory Used Percentage
  4. Heap Memory Free Percentage
  5. Maximum Heap Memory

Non-Heap Memory 

  1. Used Non-Heap Memory
  2. Committed Non-Heap Memory
  3. Non-Heap Memory Used Percentage

Garbage Collection:

  1. Garbage Collection Count
  2. Garbage Collection Rate
  3. Garbage Collection Time
  4. Average Garbage Collection Time

Buffer Pools:

  1. Direct Buffer Pool Used Size
  2. Direct Buffer Pool Total Size
  3. Direct Buffer Pools Count
  4. Mapped Buffer Pool Space Used
  5. Mapped Buffer Pool Total Space
  6. Mapped Buffer Pools Count

Node Filesystem Metrics:

  1. Total File System Size
  2. File System Free Size
  3. File System Avaiable Size
  4. File System Free Space Percentage
  5. File System Used Percentage
  6. Total IOs
  7. IO Rate
  8. File System Read Count
  9. File System Read Rate
  10. File System Write Count
  11. File System Write Rate
  12. File System Data Read Size
  13. File System Data Read Rate
  14. File System Data Write Size
  15. File System Write Rate

Filesystem File List Metrics:

  1. File System File Path
  2. File System File Type
  3. File System Total File Data Size
  4. File System File Free Size

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Thread Pools Metrics:

  1. Thread Name
  2. Threads Count
  3. Thread Pool Number Of Queued Tasks
  4. Active Threads
  5. Number Of Rejected Tasks By Thread Pool

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Segments Metrics:

  1. Segments Count
  2. Documents Count
  3. Node Shards Data Size
  4. Lucence Total Memory
  5. Terms Memory Size
  6. Points Memory Size
  7. Store Fields Memory Size
  8. Doc Values Memory Size
  9. Norms Memory Size
  10. Term Vectors Memory Size
  11. Version Map Memory Size
  12. Fixed Bitsets Memory Size

Cgroup Metrics:

  1. CGroup CPU Usage
  2. CGroup Throttling CPU Usage
  3. CGroup Elapsed Period
  4. CGroup Throttled Count

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Index Metrics:

  1. Index UUID
  2. Index Name
  3. Index State
  4. Primary Search Rate
  5. Search Rate
  6. Average Primary Search Latency
  7. Average Search Latency
  8. Primary Indexing Rate
  9. Indexing Rate
  10. Primary Indexing Latency
  11. Average Indexing Latency
  12. Primary Shards Segment Count
  13. Total Shards Segment Count
  14. Index Total Documents
  15. Index Total Data Size
  16. Primary Data Size
  17. Primary Number Of Documents
  18. Total Number Of Shards

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Details Of Indexes Metrics:

  1. Total Index Memory
  2. Stored Fields Memory Size
  3. Doc Memory Size
  4. Norms Memory Size
  5. Terms Memory Size
  6. Points Memory
  7. Fixed Bitsets Memory
  8. Term Vectors Memory
  9. Versioning Memory Size
  10. Query Cache Memory Size
  11. Request Cache Memory Size
  12. Field Data Memory Size
  13. Index Writer Memory Size
  14. Segment Count
  15. Primary Segment Count
  16. Refresh Time
  17. Primary Refresh Time
  18. Primary Indexing Throttle Time
  19. Total Indexing Throttle Time

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Shards Metrics:

  1. Shard ID
  2. Index Name
  3. Is Primary
  4. State
  5. Total Documents Count
  6. Data Size
  7. Node Address
  8. Committed Segments Count
  9. Search Segments Count
  10. Node Name

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Communication Protocols:

  •  REST
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