MongoDB backgroundMongoDB
MongoDB backgroundMongoDB
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MongoDB is one of the leading NoSQL databases that is built as a response to scalability, performance, and high availability. This document-based database can be deployed either in stand-alone or clustered operational mode. Moein Monitoring system supports monitoring of MongoDB in both aforementioned modes. In this regard, key performance indicators of databases, replicas, shards, operations, transactions, and so on are collected. In addition, in the case of clustered deployment, cluster’s nodes are also monitored. List of the monitored performance metrics of this database is as follows.


MongoDB database monitoring includes the following:

MongoDB General Information:

  1. Total Size On Disk
  2. Uptime
  3. Regular Asserts
  4. Warning Asserts
  5. Message Asserts
  6. User Asserts
  7. Rollovered Assert
  8. Current Connections
  9. Available Connections
  10. Active Connections
  11. Page Faults
  12. Lock Total Time
  13. Total Global Lock Queue Size
  14. Read Queue Size Due Locks
  15. Write Queue Size Due Locks
  16. Total Active Clients
  17. Total Active Reader Clients
  18. Total Active Writer Clients
  19. Total Input Traffic
  20. Total Output Traffic
  21. Total Requests
  22. Input Traffic Rate
  23. Output Traffic Rate
  24. Requests Rate
  25. Total Insert Queries
  26. Insert Rate
  27. Total Queries
  28. Query Rate
  29. Total Update Queries
  30. Update Queries Rate
  31. Total Delete Queries
  32. Delete Rate
  33. Getmore Operations
  34. Getmore Rate
  35. Number Of Command Operations
  36. Command Operaions Rate
  37. Number Of Insert Operations
  38. Number Of Query Operations
  39. Number Of Update Operations
  40. Number Of Delete Operations
  41. Number Of GETMORE Operations
  42. Number Of Replication Commands
  43. Replications Host Lists
  44. Replication Set Name
  45. Node Type
  46. Primary Node Address
  47. Current Replication Node Address
  48. Rollback ID
  49. Retries Commands
  50. Retries Statements
  51. Open Active Transactions
  52. Open Inactive Transactions
  53. Open Transactions
  54. Aborted Transactions
  55. Committed Transactions
  56. Total Started Transactions
  57. Used Memory
  58. Virtal Memory Size
  59. Number Of Failed Commands Executions
  60. Command Total Executions
  61. Deleted Documents
  62. Inserted Documents
  63. Returned Documents
  64. Edited Documents
  65. Write Conflicts
  66. Oplog Operation In Buffer
  67. Maximum Buffer Size
  68. Oplog Buffer Size
  69. Process Name
  70. Config Server Cluster Name
  71. Config Server Cluster Members



Database List: 

  1. List Of Databases
  2. Database Size
  3. DB Empty Status
  4. Number Of Collections
  5. Number Of Views
  6. Number Of Objects
  7. Object Average Size
  8. Data Size
  9. Storage Size
  10. Number Of Extents
  11. Number Of Indexes
  12. Indexes Size
  13. Disk Used Size
  14. Disk Total Size


Replication Information: 

  1. Cluster Set Name
  2. ID
  3. Members Name
  4. Current Member
  5. Health
  6. Status
  7. Uptime
  8. Primary Node Name
  9. Ip Address


Communication Protocols:

  • MongoDB
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