DB2 backgroundDB2
DB2 backgroundDB2
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DB2 is a stable and scalable SQL database of IBM. This database is provided for two environments LUW (Linux, Unix, Windows) and ZOS, which can be monitored in both environments in Moein. The performance indicators that are monitored in the LUW version are presented below:



General Parameters:

  1. Database Name
  2. Database Version
  3. Host Name
  4. Database Host OS Version
  5. Database Status
  6. Database Uptime
  7. Database Instance Name
  8. Total Connect Request Time
  9. Database Path
  10. Database Status
  11. Connected Time
  12. Memory Used Size
  13. Maximum Memory Size 


  1. Total Connections
  2. Local Connections
  3. Remote Connections

Agents Information:

  1. Active Agents
  2. Idle Agents
  3. Registered Agents
  4. Agents Total Wait Time
  5. Average Agents Wait Time
  6. Waiting Agent Count


Database Used Space KPIs:

  1. Database Size
  2. Database Capacity
  3. Deadlock Rate
  4. Log Utilization Percent
  5. Sort Overflow Percent
  6. Total Overflowed Sorts
  7. Total Sorts
  8. Total Log Available
  9. Total Log Used
  10. Log Utilization Percent

Cache Memory:

  1. Package Cache Hit Ratio
  2. Catalog Cache Hit Ratio


Transaction Statistics:

  1. Successful Statements
  2. Failed Statements
  3. Units Of Work

Buffer Pool KPIs:

  1. Buffer Pool Successful Reads
  2. Buffer Pool Failed Reads
  3. Buffer Pool Hit Ratio
  4. Buffer Pool Member
  5. Data Page Hit Ratio
  6. Index Page Hit Ratio
  7. Direct Writes
  8. Direct Reads

Rows KPIs:

  1. Rows Modified
  2. Rows Read
  3. Rows Inserted
  4. Rows Deleted
  5. Rows Updated
  6. Rows Returned

Table Space KPIs:

  1. Tablespace Name
  2. Table Space Total Size
  3. Table Space Free Size
  4. Table Space Used Size
  5. Table Space Used Percentage
  6. Table Space Usable Size
  7. Table Space State
  8. Table Space Free Percentage

Db2.table Space.en

Top Queries:

  1. Top Queries By Average CPU Time
  2. Top Queries By IO
  3. Top Slow Running Queries
  4. Most Frequently Executed Queries
  5. Top Queries By Average IO Wait Time
  6. Top Queries By Average Activity Wait Time
  7. Top Queries By Rows Reads
  8. Top Queries By Rows Modifies

Db2 En

Communication Protocols:

  • JDBC
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