Moein Platform Introduction

solutions background
solutions background

Operation monitoring a basic requirement of digitalization

Digital transformation is taking place in many organizations, institutions, insurance companies, banks, private and public companies with the aim of improving services, optimizing processes, speeding up procedures, reducing costs, increasing business productivity, and facilitating employee interactions.
In this regard, hardware equipment, software tools, electronic services, and in general, IT products, are among the infrastructure requirements of this digital transformation.
Desirable performance, availability, and efficiency of this equipment, tools, and services are critical in achieving the goals of digitalization, which doubles the importance of continuous monitoring of this equipment, tools, and services so that It can be said that an operation monitoring system is one of the basic requirements for digitalization in today's world.

Moein is an integrated operation monitoring system

The Moein system has been designed and produced with the aim of intelligent monitoring of business services. For this purpose, from the beginning, it has sought to create integrity in monitoring different levels. Integrating monitoring at different levels provides the data needed to intelligently monitor a service.

At present, the Moein system makes it possible to define an integrated system graphically whose nodes are objects of different levels. This possibility is a good solution for defining a business service that consists of objects of different levels involved in the operation of that service. The Moein system, by defining a service or business system in the form of an integrated system, has made it possible to discover the root cause of the events.


Integration a prerequisite for intelligent operation monitoring

Intelligence is one of the progressive steps in digital transformation, which is also a hot topic in monitoring systems.

Operations monitoring is performed with the aim of enhancing the efficiency and productivity of a business's services, which is generally done at three levels, sometimes using various monitoring tools and systems to cover these levels. These levels are:

  1. Computing infrastructures: To set up a business service, one or more hosts, the connection among them, and access to the intranet or Internet are required. These infrastructures exist in private or public data centers provided by physical servers, storage devices, network devices, security devices, virtualization tools, and finally operating systems.
  2. Application infrastructures: Many software tools and applications such as relational and non-relational databases, web servers, application servers, queuing systems, ESBs, Big data analysis tools, and ... are prerequisites for setting up a business service.
  3. Business applications: Any software product that is produced in the form of one or more systems or services specific to a business is at this level. At this level, business and operational information of objects are normally extracted with the help of standard APIs such as Rest, JSON, queries to DB, etc.

It is obvious that intelligence in operation monitoring in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of services due to the dependence of higher levels on lower levels requires the integration of monitoring at all levels.

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