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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) ManagementKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) Management
Event and Notification ManagementEvent and Notification Management
Ticket ManagementTicket Management
User ManagementUser Management
Report ManagementReport Management
General FeaturesGeneral Features
Dashboard Creation FacilitiesDashboard Creation Facilities
Events and Error ManagementEvents and Error Management
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Management

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Management

  • Ability to create custom KPIs for collecting metrics from the non-standard objects using standard interfaces such as SNMP, JMX, REST, Databases, etc.
  • Ability to define thresholds for KPIs such that a notification is created in the case of exceeding the thresholds
  • Ability to define time-based thresholds using date-partition capability
  • Ability to define thresholds for KPIs of an object type and apply it by the system to all instances of that object type
Event and Notification Management

Event and Notification Management

  • Ability to set the sending of a notification to a person
  • Ability to set the sending of a notification to people in a group ‌
  • Ability to set the sending of a notification based on work shifts
  • Support for email notification
  • Support for SMS notification
  • Support for push notification
  • Support for desktop notification
  • Support for web push notification
  • Support for sound alarm on the web interface
Ticket Management

Ticket Management

  • Support for connecting to the 3rd party ticketing systems such as JIRA
  • Built-in ticketing system with the possibility of viewing all comments, edits, attribution to others, and so on
  • Ability to follow all the steps performed on the problem announced in the ticketing system
User Management

User Management

  • LDAP user authentication
  • User internal management when LDAP does not exist
  • Access management for granting the necessary permissions from the viewing level to edit and delete
  • Monitoring unit feature aimed at defining different roles for various types of working groups
  • Ability to define different groups of people to facilitate access and set up notifications
Report Management

Report Management

  • Ability to create reports based on various objects' information and KPIs over a specific period of time
  • Predefined reports generated from the health status and widely-monitored KPIs of objects
  • Ability to generate customized reports with various charts and widgets (such as table, graph, chart, etc)
  • Ability to schedule all the reports generation and send to different people via email
  • Ability to view reports on the webpage
  • Ability to export reports to the PDF, CSV, and JPEG format
General Features

General Features

  • Bilingual: English and Persian
  • Modular and service-oriented Architecture
  • Web interface as the main user interface including all the capabilities of the product
  • Mobile interface (Android and IOS application) to view the status of monitored objects
  • Desktop interface (Windows and Linux application) for quick notification and access to events
  • Ability to search the entire system based on the object name and address
  • Auto-discovery of objects (tools and equipment) using a network address range
  • Object's availability-test based on types of access protocols
  • Customizable dashboards for monitoring Moein objects and their key performance indicators
  • Separate dashboard to trace Moein-related indicators such as the number of objects in the queue and ...
  • Ability to add desired form and information to the discovered instances of each object (e.g., a location which is more commonly known as Passive Inventory)
Dashboard Creation Facilities

Dashboard Creation Facilities

  • Default dashboard with the health/performance state of monitored objects
  • Ability to create custom dashboards
  • Ability to share customized dashboards
  • Support for rotating dashboards with customizable rotation interval
  • Ability to create and add chart widgets to dashboards (e.g., table, linear chart, labels, pie chart, and ...)
Events and Error Management

Events and Error Management

  • Ability to define and activate the event on any KPI of any object
  • Use the worst-case status of the events of an object as the health status of that object by default
  • Ability to make composite events in order to combine the events of an object
  • Possibility of using a composite event as the health status event of an object
  • Ability to display a tree of a composite event to view the status of the combined events in that event
  • Possibility of creating a composite event in order to combine the events and the health status of several objects that make up a system or service
  • Ability to find the root cause of an event using the composite event mechanism and its tree representation
  • Ability to view all reported events and explore and filter them
  • Ability to view all syslogs sent by objects and filter on them
  • Ability to view and process all SNMP Traps sent by objects
  • Ability to define events with various severity for received Traps
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