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/IBM Security Directory Server(ISDS)

IBM Security Directory Server(ISDS) backgroundIBM Security Directory Server(ISDS)
IBM Security Directory Server(ISDS) backgroundIBM Security Directory Server(ISDS)
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IBM Security Directory Server(ISDS) Monitoring

IBM Security Directory Server provides a server that stores directory information using a DB2® database . In term of functionality this tool is similar to Microsoft's Active Directory. Moein monitoring system has the ability to monitor this Directory Server. Various metrics of disk status, server status, requests, transactions, cache status, etc. are collected by Moein. The details of this server's metrics are provided below.

General Information: 

  1. Server Instance Name
  2. Server ID
  3. Port Number
  4. Directory Version
  5. Server Backend
  6. Supported Audit Version
  7. LDAP Service Name
  8. SSL Port
  9. Returned Entries Size Limit
  10. Request Processing Time Limit
  11. Dereferences Alia
  12. Vendor Name
  13. Vendor Version
  14. Sub Schema Sub Entry
  15. SASL Digest Realm Name
  16. Supported LDAP Versions
  17. Naming Context
  18. Configuration Naming Context

Disk capacity and operating system information:

  1. DB Available Disk Space
  2. DB Used Disk Space
  3. DB Disk Usage
  4. Operating System
  5. Total DB Disk Space

General Metrics:

  1. Start Time
  2. Current Time
  3. Total Threads
  4. Total Threads Blocked On Write
  5. Total Threads Blocked On Read
  6. Number Of Connections
  7. Total Connections
  8. Connections Rate
  9. Number Of Entries Sent
  10. Entries Send Rate
  11. Bypass Alias Dereferencing
  12. Total Number Of SSL Connections
  13. TLS Connections Rate
  14. SSL Connection Rate
  15. TLS Connection Rate
  16. Availability
  17. Response Time

 Server's Metrics:

  1. Number Of Operations Requested
  2. Number Of Operations Completed
  3. Request Rate
  4. Completed Request Rate
  5. Number Of Processing Requests
  6. Number Of Search Operations Requested
  7. Number Of Search Operations Completed
  8. Search Operations Request Rate
  9. Completed Search Operations Rate
  10. Number Of Bind Operations Requested
  11. Number Of Bind Operations Completed
  12. Bind Operations Requested Rate
  13. Completed Bind Operations Rate
  14. Number Of Unbind Operations Requested
  15. Number Of Unbind Operations Completed
  16. Unbind Operations Request Rate
  17. Completed Unbind Operations Rate
  18. Number Of Add Operations Requested
  19. Number Of Add Operations Completed
  20. Add Operations Request Rate
  21. Completed Add Operations Rate
  22. Number Of Delete Operations Requested
  23. Number Of Delete Operations Completed
  24. Delete Operations Request Rate
  25. Complete Delete Operations Rate
  26. Number Of Modify RDN Operations Requested
  27. Number Of Modify RDN Operations Completed
  28. Number Of Modify RDN Operations Request Rate
  29. Completed Modify RDN Operations Rate
  30. Number Of Modify Operations Requested
  31. Number Of Modify Operations Completed
  32. Number Of Compare Operations Requested
  33. Number Of Compare Operations Completed
  34. Number Of Abandon Operations Requested
  35. Number Of Abandon Operations Completed
  36. Number Of Extended Operations Requested
  37. Number Of Extended Operations Completed
  38. Number Of Unknown Operations Requested
  39. Number Of Unknown Operations Completed
  40. Deadlock Operations
  41. Waiting Operations
  42. Maximum Number Of Waiting Operations
  43. Retried Operations
  44. Number Of Transactions Requested
  45. Number Of Transactions Completed
  46. Transactions Requested Rate
  47. Completed Transactions Rate
  48. Number Of Transaction Commits Requested
  49. Number Of Transactions Committed
  50. Rollbacks Requested
  51. Rolled Back Operations
  52. Prepare Operations Requested Transaction
  53. Prepare Operations Completed Transaction
  54. Prepared Transaction Wait For Commit/Rollback
  55. Number Of Worker Threads Available
  56. Depth Of The Work Queue
  57. Largest Size Of The Work Queue
  58. Number Of Connections Closed By Automatic Connection Cleaner
  59. Number Of Times The Automatic Connection Cleaner Has Run

Cache's metrics:

  1. Number Of Elements In Entry Cache
  2. Maximum Number Of Elements In Entry Cache
  3. Entry Cache Hits
  4. Entry Cache Misses
  5. Entry Cache Hit Ratio
  6. Number Of Elements In Filter Cache
  7. Maximum Number Of Elements In Filter Cache
  8. Filter Cache Hits
  9. Filter Cache Misses
  10. Filter Cache Hit Ratio
  11. Maximum Number Of Elements From A Single Search Added To Filter Cache
  12. Cache ACL Information
  13. Maximum Number Of Elements In ACL Cache
  14. Maximum Number Of Groups Members Allowed In Cache
  15. Maximum Number Of Members In A Group That Can Be Cached
  16. Number Of Groups In Cache
  17. Group Cache Hits
  18. Group Cache Misses
  19. Group Cache Hit Ratio
  20. Cached Attribute Total Size
  21. Cached Attribute Configured Size

Communication Protocols:

  •  LDAP
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ISAMMicrosoft ExchangePostfixAxigenDNSIBM Security Directory Server(ISDS)Microsoft Active Directory
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