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Microsoft Exchange backgroundMicrosoft Exchange
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Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is an enterprise mail and calendaring server developed by Microsoft. It supports SMTP, IMAP, POP3, and webmail services. Moein monitoring system has the capability of monitoring Exchange Server. Moein Collects IMAP, PoP3, SMTP, queue length, outlook web access, transport database, various filters and etc. metrics through WMI interfaces. The following is a list of the performance metrics for Exchange mail server:

  1. Application Restarts
  2. Worker Process Restarts
  3. Request Wait Time

Availability Service(AvailabilityServic_Wmi):

  1. Availability Requests Rate
  2. Average Process Time Of A Free Busy Request
  3. Current Requests
  4. Mailbox Session Hits Per Second
  5. Public Folder Queries Rate
  6. Public Folder Request Failures Rate

Auto Discover:

  1. Discover Request Rate

Web Services:

  1. Current Connections
  2. Connection Attempts Per Second
  3. Current ISAPI Extension Requests
  4. Other Request Methods Per Second
  5. Requests Per Second
  6. Completed Requests Per Second

Exchange Control Panel:

  1. Explicit Sign-On Outbound Proxy Requests - Average Response Time
  2. Requests - Average Response Time
  3. Request Failures Per Second
  4. Powershell Runspaces - Average Active Time
  5. Powershell Runspaces Per Second
  6. RBAC Sessions Per Second

Unified Messaging:

  1. Percent Of Failed Mailbox Connection Attempts Over The Last Hour
  2. Percent Of Inbound Calls Rejected By The UM Service Over The Last Hour
  3. Percent Of Inbound Calls Rejected By The UM Worker Process Over The Last Hour
  4. Percent Of Messages Successfully Processed Over The Last Hour
  5. Percent Of Partner Voice Message Transcription Failures Over The Last Hour
  6. Calls Disconnected On Irrecoverable Internal Error
  7. Calls Disconnected By User Failure
  8. Current Calls
  9. Total Calls Per Second
  10. User Response Latency

Active Sync:

  1. ActiveSync Requests/Sec
  2. Pending Ping Commands
  3. Pending Sync Commands
  4. Requests Queued

Outlook Web Access:

  1. Current Users
  2. Outlook Requests Persec
  3. Average Search Time
  4. Searches Timed Out
  5. Average Response Time

RPC Client Access:

  1. Client RPC Average Latency
  2. RPC Operations Per Second
  3. IS RPC Requests
  4. User Count

Transport Database:

  1. IO Log Writes Per Second
  2. IO Log Reads Per Second
  3. Log Generation Checkpoint Depth
  4. Version Buckets Allocated
  5. IO Database Reads Per Second
  6. IO Database Writes Per Second
  7. Log Record Stalls Per Second
  8. Log Threads Waiting

Queue Length:

  1. Aggregate Delivery Queue Length All Queues
  2. Active Remote Delivery Queue Length
  3. Active Mailbox Delivery Queue Length
  4. Submission Queue Length
  5. Active Non-SMTP Delivery Queue Length
  6. Retry Mailbox Delivery Queue Length
  7. Retry Non-SMTP Delivery Queue Length
  8. Retry Remote Delivery Queue Length
  9. Unreachable Queue Length
  10. Largest Delivery Queue Length
  11. Poison Queue Length

Edge Sync:

  1. Total Topology Updates
  2. Exchange Servers Total
  3. Edge Servers Total
  4. Hub Transport Servers Total
  5. Edge Servers Leased Total
  6. Edge Objects Added Per Second
  7. Edge Objects Deleted Per Second
  8. Edge Objects Updated Per Second
  9. Scan Jobs Completed Successfully Total
  10. Scan Jobs Failed Because Could Not Extend Lock Total
  11. Scan Jobs Failed Because Of Directory Error Total
  12. Scan Jobs Failed Because Could Not Lock Total
  13. Source Objects Scanned Per Second
  14. Target Objects Scanned Per Second

Recipient Filter Agent:

  1. Recipients Rejected By Recipient Validation Per Second
  2. Recipients Rejected By Block List Per Second

Sender Filter Agent:

  1. Messages Filtered By Sender Filter Per Second
  2. DNS Queries Per Second

Content Agent Filter:

  1. Messages Deleted
  2. Messages Quarantined
  3. Messages Rejected
  4. Messages That Bypassed Scanning
  5. Messages Scanned Per Second

Load Assessment:

  1. Inbound Message Delivery Attempts Per Second
  2. Inbound Local Delivery Calls Per Second
  3. Average Bytes Per Message
  4. Messages Received Per Second
  5. Messages Sent Per Second
  6. Items Queued For Delivery Per Second
  7. Messages Queued For Delivery Per Second
  8. Messages Submitted Per Second
  9. Messages Completed Delivery Per Second


  1. Dumpster Size
  2. Dumpster Inserts Per Second
  3. Dumpster Item Count
  4. Dumpster Deletes Per Second

POP3 Performance Counter:

  1. Connections Current

IMAP Performance Counter:

  1. Current Connections

SMTP Performance Counter:

  1. Inbound Connections Current
  2. Outbound Connections Current
  3. Messages Sent Persec
  4. Inbound Messages Received Persec

Latency Requirements Counter:

  1. Database PageFault Stalls Per Second
  2. Database I/O Reads Average Latency
  3. Database I/O Writes Average Latency
  4. I/O Log Reads Per Second
  5. I/O Log Writes Per Second
  6. Log Record Stalls Per Second
  7. Log Threads Waiting

Message Queue Counters:

  1. Messages Submitted Persec
  2. Messages Submitted Persec

Information Store RPC Processing Counters:

  1. RPC Requests
  2. RPC Average Latency

Cache Statistics:

  1. Connection Cache Active Connections
  2. Connection Cache Idle Connections
  3. Connection Cache Num Caches
  4. Connection Cache Total Capacity

RPC & Client Activity Counters:

  1. RPC Averaged Latency
  2. Client RPCs Failed

Search Index Counters (Content Indexing):

  1. Percentage Processor Time of indexing
  2. Average Document Indexing Time
  3. Full Crawl Mode Status
  4. Crawler Mailboxes Remaining

Database Counters:

  1. Log Bytes Writes Per Second
  2. Database Cache Percent Hit
  3. Database Cache Size In MB
  4. Version Buckets Allocated
  5. Log Threads Waiting
  6. Log Generation Check Point Depth
  7. Database I/O Reads Average Latency
  8. Database I/O Writes Average Latency

Mailbox Assistant Counters:

  1. Percentage Processor Time Of Mailbox Assistant
  2. Average Event Processing Time In Seconds
  3. Events In Queue
  4. Events Polled Per Second
  5. Mailboxes Processed Per Second
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