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IBM WebSphere MQ backgroundIBM WebSphere MQ
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IBM WebSphere MQ Monitoring

IBM WebSphere MQ offers enterprise-grade messaging capabilities that skillfully and safely move information between applications. It can be deployed on Windows, Linux and z/OS environments. Moein monitoring system has the capability of monitoring WebSphere MQ deployed on all aforementioned platforms. Moein monitors queue manager’s health, status of command server and channel initiator, queue’s depth and health, channels, listeners and services. Performance indicators monitored for WebSphere MQ are listed below:

Web Sphere Mq.over View.en

  1. Operating System
  2. Vendor
  3. Host Name
  4. Channel Name
  5. Version
  6. Platform Type
  7. Queue Manager Name
  8. Channel Count
  9. Topics Count
  10. Queue Count
  11. Availability
  12. Channel Initiator Status
  13. CMD Server Status
  14. Manager Queue Status
  15. Current Number Of Connections

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  1. List Of Queues
  2. Type
  3. Status
  4. Queue Messages Count
  5. Maximum Queue Depth
  6. Oldest Message Age
  7. Open Input Count
  8. Open Output Count
  9. Queue Used Percentage
  10. Number Of Uncommitted Messages
  11. Presence Of Uncommitted Messages

Web Sphere Mq.queues.en


  1. List Of Channels
  2. Type
  3. Status

Web Sphere Mq.channel.en


  1. List Of Services
  2. Control Mode
  3. Service Alteration Date
  4. Service Type
  5. Start Date
  6. Status
  7. Alteration Time
  8. Start Time

Web Sphere Mq.services.en


  1. List Of Listeners
  2. Port
  3. Protocol Type
  4. Start Date
  5. Control Mode
  6. Commands Count
  7. Backlogs Connections
  8. Sessions Count
  9. Status
  10. Start Time

Web Sphere Mq.listeners.en

Communication Protocols:

  • IBM MQ
Message Queues
IBM WebSphere MQApache ActiveMQRabbitMQKafka
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