Apache ActiveMQ backgroundApache ActiveMQ
Apache ActiveMQ backgroundApache ActiveMQ
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Apache ActiveMQ

Apache ActiveMQ® is the most popular open source, multi-protocol, Java-based message broker. It provides high availability, performance, scalability, reliability, and security for enterprise messaging. Moein monitoring system offers the capability of monitoring ActiveMQ and Queues, Topics and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) performance indicators and etc. are monitored. List of the monitored performance metrics for this queuing system is as follows.

Active Mq.overview.en

Host KPIs:

  1. Uptime
  2. Average Message Size
  3. Current Connections
  4. Maximum Message Size
  5. Minimum Message Size
  6. Memory Limit Size
  7. Memory Usage
  8. Is Slave
  9. Statistics Is Enable?
  10. Disk Limit Size
  11. Disk Usage
  12. Total Connections
  13. Total Consumers
  14. Broker Total Dequeued Messages
  15. Broker Total Enqueued Messages
  16. Broker Total Messages
  17. Broker Total Producers
  18. Broker Status

Active Mq.kpi.en


  1. List Of Topics
  2. Use Cache
  3. Always Retroactive
  4. Topic Average Blocked Time
  5. Topic Average Enqueue Time
  6. Topic Average Message Size
  7. Topic Blocked Sends
  8. Topic Number Of Consumers
  9. Topic Number Of Dequeued Messages
  10. Topic Number Of Dispatched Messages
  11. Topic Number Of Enqueued Messages
  12. Topic Number Of Expired Messages
  13. Topic Number Of Forward Messages
  14. Topic Number Of InFlight Messages
  15. Topic Memory Limit
  16. Messages Used Memory In Topic
  17. Topic Number Of Producers
  18. Current Number Of Messages In Topic
  19. Topic Messages Size In Disk
  20. Topic Total Blocked Time

Active Mq.topic.en


  1. List Of Queues
  2. Use Cache
  3. Always Retroactive
  4. Queue Average Blocked Time
  5. Queue Average Enqueue Time
  6. Queue Average Message Size
  7. Queue Blocked Sends
  8. Queue Consumers
  9. Queue Dequeued Messages
  10. Queue Dispatched Messages
  11. Queue Enqueued Messages
  12. Queue Expired Messages
  13. Queue Forward Messages
  14. Queue InFlight Messages
  15. Queue Memory Limit
  16. Queue Memory Usage
  17. Messages Used Memory In Queue
  18. Number Of Queue Producers
  19. Current Number Of Messages In Queue 
  20. Queue Messages Size In Disk
  21. Queue Total Blocked Time

Active Mq.queue.en


Host KPIs:

  1. Committed Virtual Memory
  2. Total Swap Space
  3. Free Swap Space Size
  4. Used Swap Space
  5. Swap Space Usage
  6. Host Free Memory
  7. Host Total Memory
  8. Host Used Memory
  9. Host Memory Used Percentage
  10. CPU Time
  11. CPU Usage
  12. Host CPU Usage
  13. Number Of Processors
  14. Open File Descriptors
  15. Maximum File Descriptors

Java Virtual Machine Information (JVM):

  1. JVM Up Time
  2. Host Up Time

Threads :

  1. Daemon Thread Count
  2. Peak Thread Count
  3. Active Thread Count
  4. Total Started Thread Count
  5. Current Thread CPU Time
  6. Current Thread User Time

Memory :

  1. Committed Heap Memory
  2. Initial Heap Memory
  3. Maximum Heap Memory
  4. Used Heap Memory
  5. Committed Non-Heap Memory
  6. Initial Non-Heap Memory
  7. Maximum Non-Heap Memory
  8. Used Non-Heap Memory
  9. Heap Memory Used Percentage
  10. Non-Heap Memory Used Percentage

Java Classes:

  1. Total Classes
  2. Current Locaded Classes
  3. Unloaded Classes

Garbage Collection:

  1. Garbage Collection Count
  2. Garbage Collection Rate
  3. Garbage Collection Time
  4. Average Garbage Collection Time

Active Mq.kpi2.en

Communication Protocols:

  • REST
Message Queues
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