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WebSphere Application Server backgroundWebSphere Application Server
WebSphere Application Server backgroundWebSphere Application Server
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WebSphere Application Server

The WebSphere Application Server is one of IBM’s most popular products in WebSphere family, used to host applications developed in Java. EJB, web container, message engine, and data sources are among the most important modules of this application server. Moein monitoring system is capable of monitoring this application server and offers a variety of performance metrics for Java Virtual Machine (JVM), threads, data sources, transactions, executed programs, servlet sessions, servlet indicators and Java messaging system. Performance indicators monitored for WebSphere application server are listed below:

Web Sphere Application Server.overview.en


Java Virtual Machine(JVM):

  1. CPU Usage At Last Period
  2. Host Free Memory
  3. Average CPU Usage
  4. Committed Heap Memory
  5. Maximum Heap Memory
  6. Heap Free Memory
  7. Heap Used Memory
  8. Heap Memory Used Percentage
  9. JVM CPU Usage
  10. JVM UP Time


  1. Total Transaction Time At Last Period
  2. Average Transactions Time
  3. Total Local Transactions Time
  4. Total Committed Transactions Time
  5. Committed Transactions
  6. Average Committed Transactions Time
  7. Local Committed Transactions
  8. Local Committed Transactions Rate
  9. Rolled Back Transactions
  10. Rolled Back Transactions Rate
  11. Local Rolled Back Transactions
  12. Local Rolled Back Transactions Rate
  13. Timeout Transactions
  14. Local Timeout Transactions
  15. Total Transactions
  16. Total Transaction Rate
  17. Committed Transactions Rate
  18. Active Transactions

Thread Pools:

  1. List of Thread Pools
  2. Created Threads
  3. Destroyed Threads
  4. Active Threads
  5. Maximum Size Of Thread Pool
  6. Concurrently Hung Threads
  7. Declared Hung Threads
  8. Cleared Hung Threads
  9. Created Threads
  10. Destroyed Threads
  11. Thread Pool Size
  12. Thread Pool Used Percentage


Web Sphere Application Server.thread Pool.en

Data Source:

  1. List Of Data Sources
  2. Type
  3. Connections Allocation Rate
  4. Maximum Pool Size
  5. Free Pool Size
  6. PercentUsed Value
  7. Number Of Waiting Thread
  8. Wait Time
  9. Total Use Time
  10. Average Connection Use Time
  11. Average Of Total Connection Use Time
  12. Number Of Allocated Connections In Last Period
  13. Number Of Created Connections
  14. Total Number Of Created Connections
  15. JDBC Average Connection Use Time
  16. Average Of JDBC Total Connection Use Time
  17. Connection Pool Used Percentage
  18. Connection Pool Size

Web Sphere Application Server.data Sources.en

Servlet Sessions:

  1. List Of Applications
  2. Application Name
  3. Session Creation Rate
  4. Affinity Break Rate
  5. Live Sessions
  6. Active Sessions
  7. Session Creation Count At Last Period
  8. Total Number Of Affinity Breaks At Last Period

Web Sphere Application Server.web Application.en

WEB Service Servlests:

  1. List Of Web Applications
  2. Web Application Name
  3. Web Application Servlets List
  4. Web Application Servlets Response Time
  5. Web Application Servlets Request Rate
  6. Web Application Servlets Errors


  1. List Of EJBs
  2. EJB Name
  3. EJB Type
  4. Live Beans
  5. Total Methods Calls
  6. Total Methods Response Time
  7. Average Of Total Methods Response Time
  8. Average Methods Response Time
  9. Average Methods Call Rate

 JMS Queues:

  1. List Of JMS Queues
  2. Queue Name
  3. Queue Length
  4. Uncommitted Message
  5. Input Message Rate
  6. Consumed Message Rate
  7. Number Of Local Producers
  8. Number Of Local Consumers
  9. Average Message Wait Time
  10. Oldest Message Age


JMS Topics:

  1. List Of JMS Topics
  2. Topic Name
  3. Number Of Durable Subscriptions
  4. Number Of Non Durable Subscriptions
  5. Incomplete Publications
  6. Oldest Publication Age
  7. Publishers Count
  8. Total Local Subscriptions Count
  9. Total Messages Published Count
  10. Total Local Subscriptions Hit Count
  11. Total Messages Published Count
  12. Messages Publish Rate


Communication Protocols:

  •  REST
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