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VMware ESXi is one of the most popular virtualization tools that used by IT organizations and service providers to provide and manage virtual machines. Moein monitoring system has the ability to monitor performance indicators of ESXi components, including network interfaces, virtual machines, disks, datastores, and so on.


Performance indicators and parameters of ESXi that are monitored by Moein are:

ESXi Hosts:

  1. ESXi Host CPU Usage
  2. ESXi Host CPU Clock Usage
  3. ESXi Host Memory Used Percentage
  4. ESXi Host Disks Throughput
  5. ESXi Host Network Throughput
  6. ESXi Host Total Memory
  7. ESXi Host Used Memory
  8. ESXi Host Server Model
  9. Data Center Name
  10. ESXi Host Total Number Of Virtual Machines
  11. ESXi Host Number Of ON Virtual Machines
  12. ESXi Host Number Of OFF Virtual Machines
  13. ESXi Host Up Time
  14. ESXi Host Version
  15. ESXi Host Power State
  16. ESXi Host Number Of CPU Cores
  17. ESXi Host CPU Model
  18. ESXi Host Number Of Threads
  19. ESXi Host CPU Speed
  20. ESXi Host Number Of CPUs


CPU Threads :

  1. Thread Name
  2. Thread CPU Usage

Virtual Machines:

  1. Name
  2. Power State
  3. Number Of Allocated CPU Cores
  4. Total Allocated Memory
  5. CPU Usage
  6. CPU Clock Usage
  7. Memory Used Percentage
  8. Up Time
  9. Disks Throughput
  10. Network Throughput
  11. Operating System
  12. Maximum Disk Latency


Network Interfaces:

  1. Name
  2. Speed
  3. Physical Address
  4. Receive Rate
  5. Transmit Rate
  6. Packet Receive Rate
  7. Packet Transmit Rate



  1. Name
  2. Disk Write Rate
  3. Disk Read Rate
  4. Disk Average Latency
  5. Disk Average Read Latency
  6. Disk Average Write Latency
  7. Number Of Disk Bus Reset
  8. Number Of Disk Aborted Commands
  9. Disk Average Number Of Reads
  10. Disk Average Number Of Writes
  11. Disk State
  12. LUN Path



  1. Name
  2. Type
  3. Status
  4. Data Store Free Space
  5. Data Store Total Space
  6. Data Store Used Space
  7. Data Store Used Space Percentage
  8. Data Store Free Space Percentage
  9. Data Store Read Rate
  10. Data Store Write Rate
  11. Data Store Read Latency
  12. Data Store Write Latency Store.en

Communication Protocols:

  • REST
Virtualization Tools
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