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Docker Monitoring

Container management tools are an important in software development approaches such as DevOps that automate the creation, deployment, destruction and scaling of application or systems containers. Docker is one of the most popular container platforms that is used in the development and deployment environments of the final product.   Therefore, it is important to monitor the health of Docker performance, which includes monitoring the health of containers, services, replica status of services, tasks, cluster and member node health in Swarm mode, information on volumes, networks, and images. Moein monitoring system is currently capable of monitoring Docker.


Docker monitoring includes the following:

  1. Total Containers
  2. Running Containers
  3. Paused Containers
  4. Stopped Containers
  5. Total IMages
  6. Has memory limit?
  7. Host Number of CPU Core
  8. Host Total Memory Size
  9. Swarm Local Node State
  10. Number of Swarm Nodes
  11. Number of Swarm Manager
  12. Starting UP Containers
  13. Healthy Containers
  14. Unhealthy Containers
  15. Node Role
  16. Number of Workers

Container Information: 

  1. list of Containers 
  2. Create Date
  3. State
  4. Status
  5. Port information
  6. Services information
  7. Node information
  8. Task information
  9. Mounts information
  10. Container and host port information
  11. Network interfaces
  12. Mounts information
  13. Block IO Read
  14. Block IO Write
  15. Network Total Receive Traffic
  16. Network Total Transmit Traffic
  17. Network Transmit Rate
  18. Cpu usage
  19. Memory Usage
  20. Used Memory Size
  21. Memory Limit
  22. Pids
  23. Network Transmission Loss
  24. Total Network Data transmission
  25. Total Block IO Data transmission




  1. Create Date
  2. Update Date
  3. Cpu limit
  4. Memory Limit
  5. Reserved CPU
  6. Reserved Memory
  7. Services information
  8. Current State
  9. Desired State
  10. Container information
  11. Network information
  12. Running Tasks



  1. Create Date
  2. Update Date
  3. Host Number of Core
  4. Host Memory Size
  5. Node Status
  6. Is Leader?
  7. Reachability

Provide a list of:

  1. Volumes
  2. Services
  3. Networks
  4. Images

Communication Protocols:

  • REST
Virtualization Tools
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