HPE Server backgroundHPE Server
HPE Server backgroundHPE Server
Physical Servers
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HPE Server

 HPE Physical Servers is one of the most widely used servers in data centers. These servers have CPUs, memory slots, Raid controllers, disks, power supplies, fans, and network interfaces that can be monitored using the iLO interface. Moein is capable of monitoring these servers.


HP Server Monitoring includes the following: 

  1. Uptime
  2. Server Health
  3. Unique Identifier
  4. Server Serial Number
  5. Device Type
  6. Server Form
  7. Product ID
  8. Machine Product Board ID
  9. ROM Version
  10. Redundant ROM Version
  11. Number Of Installed Memory
  12. Server Total Memory


  1. Processor Speed
  2. Processor Status
  3. Processor Manufacture
  4. The Number Of Cores
  5. processor Manufacturer Serial
  6. Processor Manufacturer Part Number
  7. Processor Maximum Internal Speed
  8. Running Treads Index
  9. Processor Chip Generation
  10. processor Maximum Threads
  11. Internal L1 Cache
  12. Internal L2 Cache
  13. Internal L3 Cache


Memory and Memory DIMM:

  1. Memory Module CPU Number
  2. Memory Module Number
  3. Memory Module Size
  4. Memory Module Type
  5. Memory Module Technology
  6. Memory Module Manufacturer
  7. Memory Module Part Number
  8. Memory Module Hardware Location
  9. Memory Module Status
  10. Memory Module Condition
  11. RAM Presence Status


Disk Array Controller:

  1. Disk Drive Controller Name
  2. Array Controller Model
  3. Array Controller Serial Number
  4. Array Controller Status
  5. Array Controller Cache Memory Size


Disk Drive:

  1. Disk Drive Model
  2. Disk Drive Bay Number
  3. Disk Drive Status
  4. Disk Drive Size


Thermal sensors Details:

  1. Sensor Location
  2. Sensor Temperature Value
  3. Temperature Status
  4. Sensor Threshold


ILO Network Interface:

  1. ILO Interface Model
  2. ILO Interface Type
  3. ILO Interface MAC Address
  4. ILO Interface IP Address
  5. ILO Interface Subnet Mask
  6. ILO Interface Activation Status
  7. ILO Interface Health Status



  1. Fan Installation Status
  2. Fan Operational Status
  3. Fan Location
  4. Fan Speed

Communication Protocols:

  • SNMP V1, V2, V3
Physical Servers
HPE ServerCisco UCSHPE Blade ServerIBM Blade Server
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