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Kubernetes backgroundKubernetes
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Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery. Moein monitoring system has the ability to monitor Kubernetes (k8s). It has the ability to monitor the health of the cluster and its constituent nodes, Pods, Namespaces and Deployments. Below is the list of Kubernetes metrics:


General Metrics:

  1. Alias Name
  2. Address
  3. Port Number
  4. Version
  5. Availability
  6. Number Of Cluster Cores
  7. Cluster Disk Capacity
  8. Cluster Memory Size
  9. Cluster Disk Used Space
  10. Cluster Disk Used Percentage
  11. Number Of Cluster Used Cores
  12. Cluster CPU Usage
  13. Cluster Used Memory
  14. Cluster Used Memory Percentage


Cluster Nodes:

  1. Name
  2. ID
  3. Creation Time
  4. Labels
  5. Operating System
  6. Operating System Architecture
  7. Kubelet Version
  8. KubeProxy Version
  9. Container Runtime Version
  10. Number Of Cores
  11. Total Disk Capacity
  12. Total Memory Size
  13. Disk Free Capacity
  14. Disk Used Percentage
  15. Number Of Used Cores
  16. CPU Usage
  17. Used Memory
  18. Used Memory Percentage
  19. NetworkUnavailable Status
  20. Elapsed Time Since Network Test Heart Beat
  21. Elapsed Time Since NetworkUnavailable Status Change
  22. NetworkUnavailable Status Reason
  23. NetworkUnavailable Status Message
  24. MemoryPressure Status
  25. Elapsed Time Since Memory Test Heart Beat
  26. Elapsed Time Since MemoryPressure Status Change
  27. MemoryPressure Status Reason
  28. MemoryPressure Status Message
  29. DiskPressure Status
  30. Elapsed Time Since Disk Test Heart Beat
  31. Elapsed Time Since DiskPressure Status Change
  32. DiskPressure Status Reason
  33. DiskPressure Status Message
  34. PIDPressure Status
  35. Elapsed Time Since PID Test Heart Beat
  36. Elapsed Time Since PIDPressure Status Change
  37. PIDPressure Status Reason
  38. PIDPressure Status Message
  39. Ready Status
  40. Elapsed Time Since Ready Test Heart Beat
  41. Elapsed Time Since Ready Status Change
  42. Ready Status Reason
  43. Ready Status Message



  1. Name
  2. Creation Time
  3. ID
  4. Labels
  5. Status
  6. Number Of Pods Used Cores
  7. Pods Used Memory



  1. Name
  2. Namespace Name
  3. Pod ID
  4. ReplicaSet Name
  5. Labels
  6. Used Memory
  7. Number Of Used Cores
  8. Node Name
  9. Status
  10. Ready Status
  11. Elapsed Time Since Ready Test
  12. Elapsed Time Since Ready Status Change
  13. Ready Status Reason
  14. Ready Status Message
  15. PodScheduled Status
  16. Elapsed Time Since PodScheduled Test
  17. Elapsed Time Since PodScheduled Status Change
  18. PodScheduled Status Reason
  19. PodScheduled Status Message
  20. Initialized Status
  21. Elapsed Time Since Initialized Test
  22. Elapsed Time Since Initialized Status Change
  23. Initialized Status Reason
  24. Initialized Status Message
  25. ContainersReady Status
  26. Elapsed Time Since ContainersReady Test
  27. Elapsed Time Since ContainersReady Status Change
  28. ContainersReady Status Reason
  29. ContainersReady Status Message



  1. Name
  2. Namespace Name
  3. UID
  4. Creation Time
  5. Labels
  6. Number Of Configured Replicas
  7. Number Of Updated Replicas
  8. Number Of Available Replicas
  9. Number Of Ready Replicas
  10. Ready Replicas Percentage
  11. Progressing Status
  12. Elapsed Time Since Progressing Update
  13. Elapsed Time Since Progressing Status Change
  14. Progressing Status Reason
  15. Progressing Status Message
  16. Available Status
  17. Elapsed Time Since Available Update
  18. Elapsed Time Since Available Status Change
  19. Available Status Reason
  20. Available Status Message
  21. Number Of Unavailable Replicas



Communication Protocols:

  • REST
Orchestrasion Tools
ZookeeperTraefikWebSphere EdgeKubernetesHAProxy
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