Sophos XG Firewall backgroundSophos XG Firewall
Sophos XG Firewall backgroundSophos XG Firewall
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FortiWEBFortiGate (Firewall)F5 Big-IPSophos XG Firewall

Sophos XG Firewall

Sophos is a manufacturer of security equipment and a provider of security solutions. This company has produced a variety of equipment, including XG series firewalls. Moein monitoring system has the ability to monitor Sophos XG series equipment. It provides various metrics of device health, services, HA status and licenses metrics. Below is the list of XG firewall metrics:


General KPIs:

  1. Device Name
  2. Model
  3. Firmware Version
  4. Webcat Version
  5. IPS Version
  6. Uptime
  7. Disk Total Capacity
  8. Disk Used Percentage
  9. Disk Used Capacity
  10. Total Memory
  11. Memory Used Percentage
  12. Used Memory
  13. Swap Total Capacity
  14. Swap Used Percentage
  15. Swap Used Capacity
  16. Number Of Live Users
  17. Availability


 KPIs related to services:

  1. POP3 Service Status
  2. IMAP Service Status
  3. SMTP Service Status
  4. FTP Service Status
  5. HTTP Service Status
  6. Anti-Virus Service Status
  7. AS Service Status
  8. DNS Service Status
  9. HA Service Status
  10. IPS Service Status
  11. Apache Service Status
  12. NTP Service Status
  13. Tomcat Service Status
  14. SSL VPN Service Status
  15. IPSec VPN Service Status
  16. Database Service Status
  17. Network Service Status
  18. Garner Service Status
  19. Drouting Service Status
  20. SSHD Service Status
  21. DGD Service Status


  1. HA Status
  2. Current Device Appliance Key
  3. Peer Device Appliance Key
  4. Current Device HA State
  5. Peer Device HA State
  6. Device HA Configuration Mode
  7. Device Load Balancing Status
  8. Device HA Interface
  9. Current HA Device IP Address
  10. Peer HA Device IP Address
  11. Operation Mode
  12. Cluster Health
  13. Primary Host Address
  14. Auxiliary Host Address

License KPIs:

  1. License Status
  2. License Expiry Time
  3. License Name


Communication Protocols:

  • SNMP V1, V2, V3
Security Devices
FortiWEBFortiGate (Firewall)F5 Big-IPSophos XG Firewall
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