SAN Switch backgroundSAN Switch
SAN Switch backgroundSAN Switch
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SAN Switch

SAN Switched are used as a communication infrastructure between servers and storage equipment. Among the SAN switches, Brocade SAN switches are the most widely used and Moein monitoring system has the capability of monitoring them. It provides various metrics of Fabric modules, FX Ports and connected NX Port. SAN switch metrics are listed below:


San Switch.overview.en

General Parameters and Metrics:

  1. Fabric Name
  2. Fabric Element Name
  3. Maximum Number Of Modules In The Fabric
  4. CPU Usage
  5. Memory Used Percentage
  6. Availability

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Fabric Modules:

  1. Index
  2. Description
  3. Name
  4. Model
  5. Module Operational Status
  6. Last Change Time
  7. Number Of FXPorts

San Switch.fabric Modules.en


  1. Index
  2. Name
  3. Highest Supported FC-PH Version
  4. Lowest Supported FC-PH Version
  5. Total Number Of Available Receive Buffers
  6. Supported Class Of Services
  7. Intermixed Detection Is Supported
  8. Mode Of Stacked
  9. Class 2 Sequential Delivery Is Supported
  10. Class 3 Sequential Delivery Is Supported
  11. Port ID
  12. Number Of Currently Available Buffers
  13. Available Buffer Percentage
  14. Admin Status
  15. Operational Status
  16. Number Of Link Failure
  17. Number Of Detected Loss Of Synchronization
  18. Number Of Signal Losses
  19. Class 1 Frames Receive Rate
  20. Class 1 Frames Transmit Rate
  21. Class 1 Traffic Receive Rate
  22. Class 1 Traffic Transmit Rate
  23. Class 1 Discard Rate
  24. Class 2 Frames Receive Rate
  25. Class 2 Frames Transmit Rate
  26. Class 2 Traffic Receive Rate
  27. Class 2 Traffic Transmit Rate
  28. Class 2 Discard Rate
  29. Class 3 Frames Receive Rate
  30. Class 3 Frames Transmit Rate
  31. Class 3 Traffic Receive Rate
  32. Class 3 Traffic Transmit Rate
  33. Class 3 Discard Rate
  34. Received Frames Total Rate
  35. Sent Frames Total Rate
  36. Received Traffic Total Rate
  37. Sent Traffic Total Rate
  38. Total Discard Rate

San Switch.optical Interface.view.en

Connected NXPort:

  1. Index
  2. FC-PH Agreed Version
  3. Total Number Of Available Receive Buffers
  4. Supported Class Of Services
  5. NxPort Address
  6. NxPort Identifier Address

San Switch.nxport.en

Communication Protocols:

  • SNMP V1, V2, V3
Network Devices
SAN SwitchNetwork Devices (Routers and Switches)
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