IIS Server backgroundIIS Server
IIS Server backgroundIIS Server
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IIS Server

Microsoft IIS web server provides a secure, easy-to-manage, modular and extensible platform for reliably hosting websites, services, and applications. Moein monitoring system is capable of monitoring IIS. Websites key performance indicators such as number of connections, methods request rate, application pools, W3wp service availability, response time, number of connections, and number of worker processes are some of the monitored metrics. Performance indicators monitored for Microsoft IIS are listed below:


  1. Host CPU Usage
  2. Host Free Memory
  3. Host Total Memory
  4. Host Memory Usage
  5. W3wp Availibility
  6. Inetinfo Availibility
  7. Response Time
  8. Host used memory



  1. List of Websites
  2. Connections
  3. Trasfered Data Rate
  4. Trasfered File Rate
  5. Method Request Rate

Iis.web Site.en

Application Pool:

  1. List Of Application Pool
  2. Application Pool State
  3. Number Of Worker Processes

Iis.application Pool.en

Web Service Cache KPI:

  1. File Cache Memory Usage
  2. Current Cached File
  3. Current Cached URI
  4. Flushed Cache files
  5. File Cache Hits Number
  6. File Hit Ratio
  7. Missed File Cache
  8. Total Cached Files
  9. Total Flushed File handles
  10. Total Flushed URIs
  11. Total Cached URIs
  12. URI Cache Hits Number
  13. URI Cache Hit Ratio
  14. Missed URI

Communication Protocols:

  • WMI
  • REST
Web Servers
NginxApache HTTP ServerIIS ServerIBM HTTP Server
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