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Rah-e-Pardakht reports on the Behpaya Company


Abolhassan Shamsaie, the CEO of Behpaya Company, explains: "Since 2017, we focused on the Internet of Things and monitoring. Thus in the monitoring field, we design and develop the Moein monitoring system."

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As a result of the joint cooperation of the three companies "Payesh Afzar Fanavaran Sharif", "Danesh Afzar Naroon Sharif" and "Behsazan Mellat" the Moein monitoring system was designed and developed over four years. In 2021, the Moein product's material intellectual property rights were given to the Joint Company named Behpaya for public offering and entering the market.

Regarding the cooperation of these three companies in developing the Moin system, Shamsaie says: "The members of Payesh Afzar Fanavaran Sharif developed the Moin monitoring system with the help of Danesh Afzar Naroon Sharif Company for four years. During this period, Behsazan Mellat company provided valuable support in this direction by providing financial support and providing an operational environment for testing and evaluation. The participation of these three groups would strengthen us in providing the expert manpower, finance, and equipment needed in the development of such a product.

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