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Why is "integrity" indispensable in operations monitoring?


The Asr-e-Tarakonesh in its monthly issue No. 42, in a roundtable with the presence of Mohammad Saedi, Advisor to the CEO of Behsazan Mellat Company; Abolhassan Shamsaei, CEO of Paiotech Company and Senior Product Manager of Moein system, and Seyed Reza Bani Hashemi, Deputy Manager for Databases, talked about what operations monitoring is and the importance of its integration.


In this roundtable, Mr. Shamsaei states that a software service is implemented by software experts in the development phase and is implemented and maintained by IT experts in the operation phase. In other words, after the software service is produced and developed, it enters the executive and operational phase. Service operation is a set of actions taken to launch, run, and maintain a service; These actions include the provision and maintenance of hardware equipment and resources, the preparation and management of the communication network, the installation, and management of the required software tools; therefore, the whole lifecycle of service mainly consists of two phases: development and operation.

One of the most important concerns in the operation phase of a service is to monitor the behavior of the service and its dependent components, which is the concept of operations monitoring. In the operations monitoring, for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, a set of KPIs from infrastructures and dependent elements of service is continuously extracted and analyzed into quality indicators to monitor the accuracy and quality of service, and in case of a problem in the indicators, the problem and its origin is discovered sooner, and as a result repair action can be started sooner as well.

Nowadays, the majority of businesses and services have migrated from physical space to cyberspace. This migration is happening even in non-IT businesses. This makes it increasingly important to monitor operations in many businesses today and in the future.

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Read the full text of this roundtable at the following link.

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